Beauty Schools

school Today I wanted to update on how my school’s going. And the reason why I’m going to actually doing this, like, about every two weeks, just depending on how hectic my school is, I will be updating is because I wanted to help girls that want to become an esthetician or a make-up artist or anything like that because involving to do with esthetics like that on skin care and stuff.

I want to go to school for that, but I’m kind of scared. Just don’t know what’s it’s going to be about and if it’s really something they want to do, that’s really a passion of their, then you know, that’s why I’m going to do these posts. Just to educate on what’s the cost of becoming an esthetician is. If you guys don’t know what an esthetician is or what is it all about or what it entitles to and kind of what that means is that when you’re going to go to school for that is that they’re going to teach make-up, which is very minimal. They let us know of that, but we will be learning at school, like the basics. I will give you learning how to take care of your skin, which is acne.

Educating on acne and how to take care of your skin, which you have like scarring and things like that. You just have troubled skin, whether be oily, dry or whatever. I am learning how to waxing, plucking eyebrows, tweezing. What else will I be learning? Like I call it stage one, at a level one of my corroboration, which I’m sorry if I’m saying that at all, but I’ll be learning how to do that as well, where I will be like certify or like a certificate that I do. But it’s like the minimal, like level one, which is nothing like severe, where you’re going out or you’re facing. Just not at level five or whatever it is.

Like whatever it is, I won’t be learning that because if I do want to like advance more then I will have to have my certificate just because you will be working with a doctor and like in that kind of environment, you know. I will be learning how to do that and much more, much more and the more I’m learning things I will kind of update guys on and things like that. That’s why I’m making this website to just help you out, whoever want to get in in this kind of environment and show you. I’m just give you all my journey.

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