I’ve only been there for like a couple days. They’ve literally tally everything that’s going to be going on in the next couple, six months, which is seriously a lot. And it’s an exciting thing and the school I’m going to like I said is Milan Institute, you go check it if you have a Milan near you. A lot of them don’t offer certain programs like esthetician programs or anything like that so just look to see if they have that program but what I like about it is because they will help build up our portfolio which is so nice because I thought I will have to do that by myself but they will help us build up our portfolio.

When we go apply for jobs or anything like that, we already have a portfolio. So instead of having, going to applying for a job and have nothing at all. Just show what we can do. Also, I’m going to help us have array builds up a client list, you need 18 people to graduate which I like because you already have a clientele to kind of take with you and the job or anything like this. That’s what I really like, it’s really helping us to get out to the workforce and they help us find jobs or anything like that. So I’m just really excited to get started and what I’m also excited about is like learning. They call it extractions. Extractions are hopping or whatever you want to pop in, taking out. I don’t care which color but simple popping pimples, that’s what I call it. And the reason why I’m excited to do that pimple is because I know how it work with acne and I have it and all us girls and guys.


And I guess some girl and actually women, they’re having really severe acne and she’s going to the wedding but want to have a good skin enough to go. I mean, she’s not like perfect, you know, flawless face or whatever but you know, she loves you know going in there and she was just like each week, her skin was improving and like girls actually taking pictures for our portfolio. You know so she could see how it’s progressed and I love to make people beautiful. That’s why I love being this, so I’m happy to get in this industry just because I’m happy that I’m going to be helping people feel beautiful inside and out, we don’t have our levels of insecurities. I know how it is and so that’s why I’m really happy to just getting into this.

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