Esthetician Manager Interview

David: Hey, I’m David Lassman and did you know that nothing is more youthful than healthy glowing skin? Joseph Cozza has taken state of the art technology and put it in the hands of highly trained skin care specialists to create the Joseph Cozza spa, his latest addition to the salon here at our location. I’m joined by one of his renowned estheticians, Magi Lopez. Welcome Magi. So let me ask you, what is your training in the field of skin care?

Magi: Well, I went to school here in San Francisco and took many, many, many post-graduate classes and I can speak, I can speak for all of our estheticians here at Joseph Cozza in saying that we consistently stay on top of your training and education. Every year we’re taking classes, going to skin care conferences. It’s such a constantly evolving industry that we really have to keep our finger on the pulse especially with skin care. It’s constantly evolving and there are always new scientific findings. We really wanna stay on top of it for our clients. It’s important.

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David: Can you tell me about the services that are offered here at the new Joseph Cozza spa?

Magi: We have all kinds of fun things. We have everything from waxing, from eyebrow to bikini line, we’ve got it covered. We do eyelash and eyebrow tinting. We have massage and hot stone massages. Swedish, deep tissue and of course our myriad of skin care treatments.

David: I know that skin care is a big part of what we do here. Can you give me a rundown of the different facials that we do?

Magi: Oh definitely. We have so many options. We do micro derma abrasion using the derma sweep machine. We do a very, very high tech intensely results oriented anti-aging treatment. That’s our lumi-life microcurrent. We do light grade chemical peels for, that’s very results oriented. You do that in a series. And what we’re most known for is our JC classic facial and that’s a deep pore cleansing. We customize every little bit of the facial so no two are alike. And that one’s, that’s good for everybody should be getting that.

David: How does one know what the right facial is for them?

Magi: That’s a good question. It can be daunting if you’re just looking at the brochure or online, you see all of these options. You’re like, Where do I start? We take the guess work out of it. You just book a complementary consultation just about 15 minutes of your time. You come in. We talk with you, figure out what your goals are, what you would change about your skin and also your lifestyle. How much work you’re willing to put it into it at home and from there we’ll come up with your regimen for you and exactly, we’ll tell you exactly what to book so that’s easy. We take the guest work out of it.

David: That’s good. So what do you think makes the Joseph Cozza spa experience a pleasant one?

Magi: It really is a den of relaxation. It’s completely separated from the busy salon floor. It’s quiet. We have a separate waiting area. So it’s more private. You can be cozy in your robe and you’re listening to spa music and smelling lavender oil in the air and all this while you’re getting a results oriented treatment. So I think it’s a really good marriage of results and relaxation.

David: Now with all the service that is offered here, is there a Magi Michelle Lopez favorite?

Magi: My personal favorite is the derma sweep micro derma abrasion. I love that you can do that on almost any skin type. Just about everybody and micro derma abrasion that I’ve had worked with in the past, you couldn’t… It was just only a specific skin type. This machine is so advanced that we can tweak every little aspect of it so that we can use it one just about anyone so that more people can get the great benefit from it. It’s lovely. And there’s no downtime. You don’t have to worry about flaking. You can do it the night before you go out and your skin will look fabulous and glowing. It’s my favorite treatment.

David: Well, thank you. That’s a lot of great information and thank you for being here, Magi.

Magi: My pleasure.

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