If you become an esthetician you could be working at medical spas, hospital or outpatient clinics. But you could be working at a medical spa, at a spa, at a salon, you could work. They also show you to if you don’t want to your own business, they have, you we’ll be educated on that. If you want to start your own business, or you know not to, then I will our own business. This is what you could do because you’re licensed to have your own business and things like that, because that’s where I want to be in the future. Just be my own boss, work for myself. That’s where I see myself or my goals are at right now: have my own business and work on myself.


Right now, what we’re doing is we’re going to be learning how to do basic facials which I’m so excited about. And we’re learning how to massage a face and things like that because you will massage, how to massage a face and things like that while getting a facial, that’s just kind of my update on how school’s going so far and kind of what I will be doing. I will like I said be updating these more. I don’t know how often because I know with school. But I just want to update you guys on how school’s going so far and the girls want to get into this. I hope you find this blog helpful and if I’m like scattering everywhere and the information, I’m so sorry, but it’s seriously like so much. But you’re going to love it. This is like I said a passion of yours. You’re going to love it. Like I’m so happy that I’m getting into this and excited to see what the future brings. If you guys have any questions about more that I made to answer you, want to ask me and I will happily answer them for you.

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