Esthetician and Skin Doctor


skindoctorestheticianThere is no doubt at all that with the demand for beauty and healthcare attention all over the world, many might not be aware of the difference between an esthetician and a skin doctor as they often appear to be practicing in similar environments every so often. Knowing the difference between the two helps a great deal in not only saving the time that one needs to access the necessary care services, but also the money that one is bound to spend when they consult these facial and body specialists.

An esthetician is generally a licensed and trained specialist who is entrusted with the duty of maintaining and improving healthy face even in situations when the skin has been neglected or forced to endure unique trauma. While a dermatologist, is a specialist who is not only authorized with the duty of improving patients skin, but is also specially trained and licensed in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, hair and nails.

In fact, a dermatologist is also well-trained and specialized in the management of cosmetic disorders of the body including premature hair loss and scars. Definitely, one can see that a dermatologist is far much more trained than an esthetician, and many are times when skin doctors actually hire estheticians as some of their assistants especially when the practice is very busy or full of clientele that can use both professionals at a cheaper or much more cost effective basis.



In order to practice as an aesthetician, one also has to undergo a professional training program but this normally takes only 8 to 12 months after which one is expected to sit for and pass a state-administered licensing program before they can be allowed to legally practice in registered esthetician venues around the city. Usually, estheticians practice in beauty spas, day spas, private practices, salons and many other relevant places unlike skin doctors who either have their own practices or work in well-know hospitals in their respective communities.

Also, just like any other profession, the salary or income levels of an esthetics specialist can vary depending on many factors like the geographical location or city that they practice in, their education levels, levels of experience, clientele base and many others; however, the average esthetician salary is estimated to be about $41,000, click here for full report. While the hours might be long especially in the beginning of the career for both a skincare doctor and an esthetician, the financial rewards greatly compensate the efforts put into the job as well as the contentment that comes with being able to solve other people's problems and alleviate their pains and worries as well.

Skin Doctor


Also known as a dermatologist, skin care doctor is required to go through medical school which is a graduate degree program in all states. After successfully passing the required courses and graduating, a dermatologist is also expected to pass a licensing test that allows them to practice freely in whatever geographical region or city that they may choose to practice in. While the expected salary or earnings for dermatologist may vary due to many factors, it is estimated that the annual salary of doctors around the country is currently over $300,000 per year.


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